Dekorativni detalj

Zlatko Zlatić, HRV

(Zagreb, 1933 – 2019)

He was born in Zagreb in 1933. He earned a degree in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1966, in the class of Prof. Vanja Radauš.

In his works, he cultivates the geometric and minimalist features of the forms of machining that are realized in series and take on the properties of animalistic plastic.

He is the author of numerous sculptures in public space; “Turtle” (Labin, Dubrova Sculpture Park), “Storks” (Pula, City Hospital), “Grasshopper – locust” (Krapina), “Puppies” (Zagreb, Vrapče Children’s Center), “Pigeons” (Zagreb, Vrapče Park) , “Dog” (Zagreb, Elementary School “Count Janko Drašković”), “Pigeons” (Zagreb, Biškupić Collection). He has exhibited independently in Zagreb, Pula, Labin, Kumrovec, Pazin, Grožnjan, Rijeka, Krapina, Sisak, Karlovac and Virovitica. He has participated in more than 200 group exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as in numerous sculptural symposia and workshops. His works are in numerous museums and private collections at home and abroad. He donated 166 of his sculptures to the City of Zagreb, and the permanent exhibition of the donation is located in the Zagreb Zoo.

He took part in the Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium in 1979.

Title: Turtle
Year: 1979
Dimensions: h.w.l. 60 x 90 x 325 cm
Location: Dubrova Sculpture Park