Dekorativni detalj

Milija Nešić, SRB

(Novo selo, Niš, Serbia, 1934)

He was born in Novo Selo near Niš, Serbia, in 1934. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, in Belgrade in 1961.
In 1964, he completed his postgraduate studies in sculpture at the same Academy and obtained a master’s degree. In 1963, he acquired the status of an independent artist, and in 1983, the status of a prominent artist. He became a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) in 1962.
He has engaged in sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and conceptual art. He has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad and participated in many art colonies and symposia. He is the author of a large number of public sculptures. His works can be found in prominent museums and galleries in the country and abroad. He has received numerous awards for his work and contribution. He lives and works in Belgrade.

He took part in the Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium in 1972.

Title: Inscriptions
Year: 1972
Dimensions: h.w.l. 250 x 90 x 39 cm
Location: Park of sculptures Dubrova