Dekorativni detalj

Joost Barbiers, NLD

(Velsen, Netherlands, 1949 – Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015)

He was born in Velsen, Netherlands, in 1949. From 1969 to 1974, he studied sculpture at the Rijksakademe van beeldende kunsten (National Academy of Fine Arts) in Amsterdam.

Initially, he used marble and limestone for his sculptures, and later more solid materials, such as granite. From 1980 onward, he regularly participated in sculpture symposia in Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Zimbabwe, Ireland and France. He died in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 2015.

After his death, upon the decision of his family, a large number of his works were given a permanent place in the sculpture park of the World Art Delft foundation.

He participated in the Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium in 1979.

Title: House of light
Year: 2001
Dimensions: h.w.l. 210 x 130 x 130 cm
Location: Park of sculptures Dubrova